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Our Services include:


  • Designing an event that works for your needs, vision and budget
  • Managing the event on and off the site
  • Helping plan a budget
  • Laying out a marketing strategy and sponsorship package
  • Designing marketing materials (posters, flyers, newspaper ads, etc)
  • Contacting media outlets and providing press releases
  • Writing radio commercials
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Pulling together and directing music teams if needed
  • Planning the event program
  • Coordinating all on site suppliers like sound, lighting, backline, etc., etc,.

We can help you answer the tough questions like:


  • How much will it cost in time, energy and finances to do this event?
  • Where can we do this event (city and venue)?
  • What time of year (dates) should we be doing an event like this?
  • Who will our target market be and how can we best reach this market with our message?
  • Why bother with putting on an event in the first place?


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