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"Ed Wilson-Liu is one of the most organized and passionate people I know. I have worked with him on 4 different occasions, each one being large events or North American tours. Ed's ability to build teams and foster relationships has been one of his greatest strengths and has caused him to be achieving the great things he is doing today. I look forward to working with him again"
Steve McPherson - Manager - Hillsong Publishing, Sydney, Australia - Singer/ Worship Leader/ Producer

"In the six years of directing the International Worship Institute, I always appreciated the rock-solid and reliable service you and Beracah Productions provided. You have a wonderful way of bringing order out of chaos. I also enjoyed watching you make everyone happy; you have a gift for managing and massaging divergent interests and creating harmony. Good Job!"
Ed Chinn - Former Executive Director, International Worship Institute, Dallas, Texas

"Beracah Productions exemplifies what often is missing in Event Producers, the passion and will to deliver not just a great product for the public but a well organized and financially sound event for the audience, the sponsors and the client. That's why I partner with Ed and his team and so should you."
Eric Spath - World Vision Canada - Manager - Speaker & Events

Compassion Canada is blessed to be in ministry partnership with Ed Wilson-Liu and Beracah Productions. Through this partnership Ed has chosen to use the platform that God has given him – not only to impact lives here in North America through his conferences and events but to also reach out to impoverished children around the world and offer them new hope and a future!
Karen Taylor - Marketing Relations -- Compassion Canada

"Keep up the great work, I see Beracah Productions being known as "the events you don't want to miss. I'm sure this is already true! ... You truly are the most connected guy I know!!"
Laura-Lynn Tyler - Host on Omni TV (formerly NOW TV), Vancouver, B.C.

"Ed, It was great to be with you again! I hope you were pleased with the two events. You do such a great job of producing events! Leslie and I were exhausted by the time we got home ... but we sure had a good time with you and the crew ... everyone was so accommodating and helpful."
Dr. Les Parrott - Best-selling Author / Clinical Psychologist / Teacher - Seattle Pacific University

"Ed, What a wonderful seminar you organized in such a short amount of time. Your loving spirit was so refreshing and both Michael and I were very blessed by being with you. I sure hope that we can work together again in the future. Blessings, Gary”
Dr. Gary Smalley - Best-selling Author, Speaker

"From our vantage point, it was a whopping success from start to finish. Thanks so much again for your great leadership and organizational abilities. I know the people who attended were blessed beyond their expectations. Great job by you and all your wonderful staff. Thanks for being such a good friend to us. We are big Ed Wilson-Liu fans and we greatly admire the fabulous way you organize a seminar."
Marilyn Warren - wife / assistant to Dr. Neil Clark Warren

"Dear Ed. When Marylyn and I think of you, we see you on those drums -- or standing at the mike introducing people. We think of you as a close friend, as someone we deeply admire. That's why I'm so happy and proud to send you these endorsements. Obviously, I also send you our love and warmest wishes."
Neil Warren

Singles Conference Endorsement

"Out of 150 conferences for singles with which I have been involved across North America, the conference in Vancouver was one of my two or three favorite ones. This conference was so full of energy -- great music, constant laughter, and deep spiritual exploration and excitement. I can't imagine having missed it, and I heartily recommend it without reservation."
Dr. Neil Clark Warren - Best-selling Author / Founder - E Harmony

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